We were in your basement hiding out
Eating pills and falling in love
There’s only one thing I could never doubt
It’s in my arms right now

But you do what you gotta do
Don’t worry what they about you
Is it true?
You do what you gotta do
Don’t worry what they say about us

So fold your hands child
And walk straight now
Go on take your best shot
They can never find
Our secret hiding spot
Where we play all day
We’ll go on and on anyway

We’re just a little older baby now
But we don’t got to be what they want
Cause I still got a little boy at heart
He wants to fuck shit up

Cause we do what we gotta do
We never even cared about you
It’s the truth.
We do what we gotta do,
We’re only gonna care about us

When I was around
I was the only one protecting you
Now that I’m gona
How can you do the things we used to do?
I know it’s clear that times are changing
But I’m staying the same
I know the fear is paralyzing
When nothing matters at all.

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