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Nas - Untitled - Song TextArtist: Nas
Album: Untitled
Year: 2008
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop

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No revolutionary gets old
Or so I’m told
You’re left full of bullet-holes
When you tell the people go free
Oh, it’s a matter of days before they try to take me
I heard gunshots rang
His bullet got my name
I ain’t see him take aim
I dreamt this day came
‘Cause I stood in the face of damnation
Satan, spat at him, flat out disgraced him
He want my blood; why me?
Why not the fake ones who deserve death, man
Fuck it, I’ll take one
Can stop me but can’t stop a whole nation
Of millions who feel you deceived them
They believing reparation makes it even
So I’m deadly now because of one reason
They listening
In Budapest, Japan, China, and Switzerland
We getting it in, son
Another bullet passed by-missed me
Wondering who plotting to get me
Alphabet boys still plotting against me
To hush me up and stuff me in the pockets of history
You won’t remember why they came to clip me
When time go by, you’ll soon forget me
They say he was the king of bling, jewels, and Bentley’s
Then they use one of my lines just to prove I’m guilty
Don’t let them kill me

Some revolutionaries do live long
Am I one of them? Guess we’ll know in due time
Everybody has rights, can I use mine?
Can I rock shine? Can I have a girl that’s too fine?
Got a swell life, tell me, will I lose mine?
Every time I turn around somebody new dying
Let’s start living
Ala carte escargot, Escobar, invest my millions
Mansion for the wife, the rest for the children
Knowing that they coming any time, but until then
I’m at large until they shoot me
Million dollar stones and my camouflage Gucci
Giving you this crack like Pookie
To question the system
Be the resistance
No matter what color you are
Everybody nigga’s
You can stand by and watch
Or you can march on with us.

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They forgot us on the block
Got us in the box
Solitary confinement
How violent are these cops?
They need an early retirement
How many rallies will I watch?
I ain’t got it in me to march
I got a semi to spark
The game’s in a drought
Public housing, projects
Cooking up in the Pyrex
My set, my click
Either getting money
Or running from homicide trial
That’s if they ain’t died yet
Trying to be rich
Still I’m pledging allegiance
A predicate felon, a ghetto leader
Lending my poetical genius
To whoever may need it
I bleed this from Queensbridge
Now living with my feet up
Never defeated
So a president’s needed
Y’know these colored folks and Negroes
Hate to see one of their own succeeding
America, suprise us
And let a black man guide us

What’s the black pres thinkin on election night
Is it how can I protect my life?
Protect my wife? Protect my rights?
Every other president was nottin’ less than white
‘Cept Thoman Jefferson and mixed indian blood
And calvin coolers
KKK is like ‘what the fuck’, loadin’ they guns up
I’m loadin’ mine too, Ready to ride
Cause I’m ridin with my crew
He dies – we die too
But on a positive side, I think Obama provides
Hope – and challenges minds
Of all races and colours to erase the hate
And try and love one another, so many political snakes
We in need of a break, I’m thinkin’ I can trust this brotha
But will he keep it way real?
Every innocent n! gga in jail – gets out on appeal
When he wins – will he really care still?
I feel

Say a prayer for “do we have to? “
You ain’t right, Jeremiah Wrong pastor
In love with a slave master
Sincerely yours
USA most brave rapper
Jesse car-jacker
Uncle Tom-kidnapper
Ask around
Bentley Coupe off the richter
B! tch-called-life, I pimped her
Politics, politricks
Deacon for defense
Nothing on the stove
Your survival-booster
Gotta do what we gotta do
We ain’t got no governors coming through – to help
Anything we need done, we gotta do for self
New-improved JFK on the way
It ain’t the 60’s again
Niqqas ain’t hippies again
We ain’t falling for the same traps
Standing on the balconies
Where they shot the King at
McCain got apologies
Ain’t nobody hearing that
People need honesty.

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(feat. Mykel)

[Chorus: Mykel]
Where there’s life there is water
We depend on mama nature
There’s a message for tomorrow
Everything connects to you
Some say soon it will be over
You can see it in the weather
Out of tune with mama nature
What you do comes back to you

We’re not alone [x4]

[Verse 1: Nas]
Confucius, Confucius
Sigmund Freud
And Fard Muhammad
Is it evolution or God?
Searching for the truth is a threat
Seems the closer we get to the truth
State troopers or FEDs come out to silence you
My house in Malibu probably tapped
Because living next door to Demi Moore
Plus, I’m black
Plus, I want vengeance for the poor
Who’s attacked daily
Patriot Act never scared me
Jake in the Taurus
Sticky in the jar-s
Niggas I’m with got warrants
America’s brown and
Twenty years from now
Every town will be brown and Latin
An African lookin Manhattan
I’m a tell you what I seen with my three eyes
Word to me, not a hoax, back in 9-9
A spacecraft in the skyline
In L.A., in daytime, ask Horse if I’m lying

[Chorus: Mykel]
Every mother, every father
Raise your sons and your daughters
With respect and with honor
From the seed comes a fruit
It’s an unbroken circle
All of life is universal
And we’re all in the struggle
If I know one thing is true…

We’re not alone [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Evidence remains in debate
Documents of our own Air Force base
Additional terrestrial information
Other planets with life population
My observation
Scientists study pictures of a flying disc
Right on earth, anthropologists are finding shit
Visitors, probably live with us
They can mimic us
It’s sort of what we seeing in the cinemas

Take a look in the mirror
And see the bigger picture
It’s good to be alive
It’s good to be alive
Nobody is an island
We are part of an environment
Only way we gone survive
Is if we harmonize

We’re not alone [x4]

[Verse 3:]
Reginald Lewis
The black billionaire
Before Oprah or Bob Johnson
How’d he disappear?
Conspiracy theories, UFO’s in the air
I’ve seen it with my own two eyes
And I swear, like Warren Buffet
Real money I’m just trying to touch it
The diamond-encrusted shit, live illustrious
‘Cause we was deprived of it, suffered
Now we pop to prove anything’s possible
My pimp strut was invented when they whipped us
Now we diddy-bop just to show you that our strength’s up
Just when niggas about to see they cut
Global warming about to burn us up
Niggas never really seen paper in this world
American blacks the teenager of this world
Give us twenty more years to grow up
Already geniuses; what I mean is this
I used to worship a certain Queens police murderer
‘Til I read the words of Ivan van Sertima
He inserted something in me
That made me feel worthier
Now I spit revolution
I’m his hood interpreter

Take a look in the mirror
And see the bigger picture
It’s good to be alive
It’s good to be alive
Nobody is an island
We are part of an environment
Only way we gone survive
Is if we harmonize

We’re not alone [x4].

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[Verse 1:]
Find a room to lock yourself in and close the door
It’s some heavy concepts that we gotta explore
We gotta strip the word down rugged and raw
The rhetoric of martin king just saint around no more
Dave bowie ain’t here james baldwin neither
They all were leaders
But they ain’t help me get this porcsh two seater
A lawyer left the hood he never looked back
To be a fortune 500 ceo it took rap
So what if my pants sag with my hat turned back
The same swag got our merchandise flying off the rack
Marketing companies that’s hiring blacks
Fresh hip hop lingo for your campaign ads
The controversy surrounds who could say it and win
Some niggas are full time some play and pretend
So fuck that no apologies on the issue
If it offends you
It’s meant to
It’s that simple

Tryin to erase me from y’all memory
Too late I’m engraved in history (I’m here my niggas)
Speak my name and breath life in me
Make sure y’all never forget me (y’all give me life)
Cause y’all use my name so reckless
Whether to be accepted or disrespected (and I love it)
And I love especially when y’all do it in public
And I’m the subject
Cause y’all my niggas

[Verse 2:]
Yo I was thinking a little bit what would it take
To authenticate my nigganess
Ball ridiculous
26 inches when I call up the dealership
Yeah that’s some nigga shit
We only out for our own benefit
We haven too many kids
We? welfare recipients
The infamous free clinics is the sickest shit
It makes me think what the hell they clean they’re syringes with
Everybody bleedin
The cops or the demons
Courtrooms full of goons
Jailbrushers leanin
Handcuffs squeezed too tight
On you?
If u fight they just give in
People used to do sit ins
They got Nigeria and Niger two different countries
Somehow niger turned to nigger
And shit got ugly
The problem is we started thinking like the colonists
To know the [? ]
Started droppin that consciousness


[Verse 3:]
My father was not a banker
Neither was my neighbor when it came to getting paper
Who the hell was gonna train us
A pressure couldn’t escape us through the ages
We changed the basis of derogatory phrases
And I say it’s quite amazing
The use the ghetto terms developed our own language
No matter where it came from
It’s celebrated now people are mad if they ain’t one.

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It is absolutely silly and unproductive to have a funeral for the word nigger when the actions continue we need to have a movement to resurrect brothers and sisters not a funeral for niggers cause niggers don’t die

Ugh yeah yo I’m creepy and crawling
In your sink or your toilet
I’ll be drinking from your spit
Anything cause I’m more less an insect with 4 legs
People come and I fake dead
Correction I got 8 legs
Climbin on top your plate bed
Where ever I smell food
It could even jail food
Stale food that’s molded
A roach is what I am fool
The ghetto is my land fool
I’m a never be able to fly like a bumblebee

Try not to be underneath
Your sneaker
Pitiful creature
I’m not afraid of your pesticide
Or ray
Cause in heavens my creator
I love it when the lights off
Eating from same knives forks
From any mans dinner
See my antennas
You can’t win
You can’t stand the crunchy sound I make if you squash me
Learn to live with me
How much your roast? costing
You and the city
But yo we everywhere
Check your house I bet we there.

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(feat. Busta Rhymes)

[Intro: NaS]
Uh, lo lo jaw
What I’m gonna do? (What I’m gonna do?)
Uh, shh, lo lo jaw
Shit is all true

[Verse 1: NaS]
Mmm, Fried chicken
Fly vixen
Give me
Heart Disease
But need
You in my kitchen
You a bird, but you ain’t a ki
Got wings but you can’t fly away from me
Driving in your +bucket+ seats
From +Kentucky+
To fuck with me
Look what you’ve done to me?
Was number one to me!
After you shower
You and your gold medal flour
Then you rub on with hot oil for half an hour
You in your hot tub, I’m looking at you salivating
Dry you off, I got your paper towel waiting
Lay you down cause you’re red hot
Louisiana style you make my head rot
Then I flock
To the bed then, “Plop”
When we done, I need rest
Don’t know a part of you that I love best
Your legs or your breast
Misses Fried Chicken, you gon be a nigga’s death
Created by southern black women
To serve massa, guest
You gon be a nigga’s death
Misses Fried Chicken
You was my addiction
Dripping wet hot, coalesced
Like Greeks with their (filafo?)
Or Italians with their to-mato
Or roach is to it’s roaster
Trapping me
You and your friend mac and cheese
(Candians?) and collard greens
Cut you knocking me to my knees
Was killing me when I miss, ah
Nothing I need more than a fish fry

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Shit, It taste good, I can’t lie
It’s like you’re walking out a tanning saloon
When I pull you out the oven, from baking I got you on my mind
Rubbing that sun tan lotion all up over your body
So amazing, how you sparkle when I glaze you swine
Hey, my pretty hand hot, it’s so feminine
The way you submitting
And how you gave me power
To messaging me to shower
You with lemon water
Marinate you with season you dipping you in chowder
It’s like you at the spa
The way you gently
Lay in the pan
While you enjoying you butter milk treatment
I sit and watch the grease sizzle bubbling
On your skin
Despite the funny fragrance
Still I lick my finger frequent
In any event
I’m reflecting on all the signs saying that I got I shouldn’t fuck with you
But the way you taste made it hard to resist when I put my mouth on you
But that’s another issue
But it FLIES up in my stomach when I laid EYES on you
Was it infection manifesting?
Confused over the feeling impatiently eating you
Intestinal worm chewing on the walls of my intestine
I’m a eat you until there’s nothing left
Til my very last breath
You gon be a nigga’s death
Despite your good appearance
Cooking swine as a chef
You gon be a nigga’s death
Who cares if the swine
Is mixed with rat, cat, and dog combined?
Yes, I eat the shit to death

[Outro: Busta Rhymes]
Ain’t that some shit?
I’m a eat some shit
Until what I’m eating KILLS ME!

And I choose to do that
Cause that’s just what niggas do


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They say we N – I – Double G – E – R
We – are – much more,
Still we choose to ignore,
The obvious.
Man this history don’t acknowledge us,
We was scholars long before colleges.

They say we N – I – Double G – E – R
We – are – much more,
But still we choose to ignore,
The obvious.
We are the slave and the master,
What you looking for?
You the question and the answer.

[Verse 1:]
We trust no black leaders,
Use the stove to heat us,
Powder eggs and government cheeses,
The calendar was Martin, JFK, & Jesus,
Gotta be fresh
Go to school with fly sneakers.
Schools with outdated books,
We are the forgotten,
Summers coolin’ off by the fire hydrant.
Yeah I’m from the ghetto,
Where old black women talk about they sugar level,
It’s not unusual,
To see photos of dead homies’ funerals,
Aluminum foil on t.v. antennas
Little TV sit on top the big TV eatin TV dinners,
Girls die they hair with kool-aid,
They gave us lemons we made lemonade,
But this nigga’s paid,
Ancestry of slaves,
Descendant of Kings
It’s necessary I,
Puts rings on every thing
Where Timbs on every scene.


[Verse 2:]
Do I mean it like a slave master?
I’m gangsta
Gotta eat rappers!
My abbreviation
Was young when I caught the cases,
That should mean the court could see my changes
Take off the bracelets,
Savage when broke,
Smoke sour diesel
Need no Bo-flex
My chest still cut-up like a bag of dope,
Thought patterns consist of boss matters,
Spit Moses’ “Lost Commandments”
Like a gross sandwich out my mouth.
Toast to government cameras
Peepin us every week
I must have my cars homes & phones
Squeaked for bugs,
But this is what I was dreamin of,
Between cutting hard coke with new razors
Slicing my fingers up,
They use to string us up,
We wanted everything,
But the one bringing us cake be the snakes
Like the…
Like the New Jack City wedding scene
No time for mistakes trying to get it like [? ]


[Verse 3:]
My nig…
Whattup my nig?
People afraid of criticism
But I always put myself in a sacrificial position!
They been know I ain’t just rappin for fame,
I got my old homie [? ] the father asking for change!
Yep! I’d give this cash up
This paper don’t matter
They seen me from skinny to fatter
When I rap about war,
They got the tendency to scatter,
They ain’t my backup no more,
So now my enemies are at my front door,
Cause any time we mention
Our condition, our history or existence,
They calling it reverse racism,
Still till today the street’s torn,
My brother Jungle always have a seat for ’em
Not behind me – beside me
You’ll always know where to find me,
They say the close ones will hurt you,
So let’s keep a small circle,
On the road to riches, and diamond rings
In the land of the blind
The man with one eye is the king.


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[Verse 1:]
I just burnt my american flag
And sent 3 cracker nazis to hell and I’m sad
Ugh I’m loadin teffs in my mag
To send these redneck biggots some death in a bag
Choke him out with his confederate flag
I know these devils are mad
Little rap fans that live way out in safe suburbia
Would you stand with me a united states murderer

Would you testify you buy my songs you buy my songs but would you ride with me

[Verse 2:]
You understand my struggle that’s what u claim right
And get your aim right
And get your game tight
Don’t buy my songs you don’t roll with it
Coming to concerts singing ho and shit
Fuck y’all little little ho bitches
I don’t need you I’ll go gold with it
I heard y’all was downloadin it
Like I’m your man who be exposed an shit
Like a william cooper
Who told you the pale horse is the future

Would you testify with some realness like that I think you scared I don’t think you prepared you know what I’m asking you do you know what I’m asking you.

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So we look at what’s going on – this as an EXTREME aggression, um
I’m also hearing about it from EVERYWHERE!
It’s-it’s on the islands, it’s on the continent, it’s here: it’s everywhere!
And this is, if you will, a WAR – An all out assault by…

[Verse 1: NaS]
The sly fox
We locked
In the idiot box
The video slots
The Waco Davidian plots
They own YouTube, Myspace
When this ignorant shit gon’ stop?
They monopolizing news
Your views
And the channel you choose
Visual cancer
The eye
In the sky
Number five
On the dial
Secret agenda
Frequency antenna
Doctor mind bender
Remote control
Your brain holder
Slave culture
Game’s over
What’s a Fox characteristic?
Slick shit
Pimp the station
Over stimulation
Comcast digital Satan
The Fox has a bushy tail
And Bush tells
Lies and Foxtrots
So I don’t know what’s real

Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Big Brother is watchin’

Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Fox 5 is watchin’

[Verse 2: NaS]
The Fear Factor got you all rattled up
O’ Reilly
Oh really?
No rally needed
I’ll tie you up
Network for child predators, settin’ ’em up
Myspace pimps, hoes, and sluts
Ya’ll exploit rap culture, then ya’ll flip on us
And you own the post, and ya’ll shit on us
What is they net worth?
They gon’ try to censor my next verse?
Throw ’em off the roof neck first
While I’m clicking my cursor
Reading blogs about the pressure they put on Universal
It gets worse while I’m clicking my mouse
While they kickin’ my house
They figured us out
Why a nigga go south
It’s either he caught a body, no sleep they watchin’!
I watch CBS
And I See B.S.!
Tryin’ to track us down with GPS
Make a nigga wanna invest in PBS

Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Big Brother is watchin’

Watch what you watchin’
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking
Outside of the box and
Unplug from The Matrix doctrine
But watch what you say Fox 5 is watchin’

[Verse 3: NaS]
They say I’m all about murder-murder and kill-kill
But what about Grindhouse and Kill Bill?
What about Cheney and Halliburton? (Halliburton?)
The backdoor deals
On oil fields
How’s NaS the most violent person?
Ya’ll don’t know talent if it hit you
Bringin’ up my criminal possession charges with a pistol (pistol)
I use Viacom
As my firearm
And let the lyrics split you
Who do you rely upon?
They shoot shells at Leviathan
I’m dealing with the higher form
Fuck if you care how I write a poem?
Only Fox that I love was the red one
Only black man that Fox loves is in jail or a dead one!
Red rum
Political bedlam
Don’t let the hype into your eyes and ear drum
Murdoch on Fox
Not 18 with Barracas
And he hate Barack cause
He march with the marchers

I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth.
Not the biased truth
Not the liar’s truth
But the highest truth
I will not be deceived
Nor will I believe
In the Propaganda
I will not fall for the Okey-Doke
I am tuned-in

Watch, cause they’re watching
Watch what you’re watching

Better watch, cause they’re watching
Watch what you’re watching

Misleading ya

Watch what you’re watching.

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[Talking: Nas]
Yo… it’s like waking up from a bad dream
Just to figure out you weren’t dreaming in the first place

[Verse 1:]
If all I saw was gangsters
Coming up as a youngster
Pussy and money the only language I clung ta
Claim ta, unrolled myself up to become one
Ain’t ya happy I chose rap
I’m amongst tha
Streets deceiving
Can’t believe my achievements
Cultural strata
Persona’s that of a non-needer
Because I don’t need nada except for Prada beaver
For cold winters, tattoos got my summer’s sleeveless
To my g’s on the flee from the coppers
Stiff bodies on freeze in funeral parlors
From the slums I come up a phoenix
Caked up, tryna take what I’m eating
Came up a dismissive kid
You lucky if you allowed to witness this
Savvy mouth
Wild, hardly
A man’s man
Who woulda knew the beach houses and wild parties
Jezebel’s and Stella McCartney’s
For years, all that
How could I not be dead
This old German
Said I was a thug with a notty head
Looked at my Benz and called that a Nazi sled
With a face like he wonder where I got my bread
Probably all these stones he see
From my shows overseas
From crime to rhyme
My stories is I’m from the home of the thieves

[Verse 2:]
The lord is a g, he gotta be
Who’s the God of suckers and snitches
The economy
Lipstick from Marilyn Monroe
Blew a death kiss to Fidel Castro
He’d want me to spit this
Only the strong survive
Nas bear witness
The hypocrisy is all I can see
White cop acquitted for murder
Black cop cop a plea
That type of shit make me stop and think
We in chronic need of a second look of the law books
And the whole race dichotomy
Too many rappers, athletes, and actors
But not enough niggas in NASA
Who give you the latest dances, trends, and fashion
But when it comes to residuals, they look past us
Woven into the fabric, they can’t stand us
Even in white tee’s, blue jeans, and red bandanas

[Verse 3:]
Diplomatic relations
Killed indigenous people
Built a new nation
Involuntary labor
Took a knife split a woman naval
Took her premature baby
Let her man see you rape her
If I could travel to the 1700’s
I’d push a wheelbarrow full of dynamite
Through your covenant
Love to sit in on the Senate
And tell the whole government
Y’all don’t treat women fair
She read about herself in the bible
Believing she the reason sin is here
You played her, with an apron
Like bring me my dinner, dear
She the nigger here
Ain’t we in the free world
Death penalty in Texas kill young boys and girls
Barbarity, I’m in the double-R casually
Bugging how I made it out the hood, dazzle me
How far we really from third world savagery
When the empire fall, imagine how crazy that’ll be.

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